Where’s My Refund?

A common misconception exists among individuals assuming that since we’ve filed their tax returns, we possess the capability to monitor its progress within the Government’s Tax system, akin to tracking package deliveries online.

Regrettably, once your tax return departs from our office, we relinquish all access to it, leaving it solely in the government’s custody. The most they can provide is an estimate of when they anticipate processing your return and issuing your refund.

Two Ways to Speed Up the Process Are:

E-File Your Return

This enables the return to be electronically transmitted, bypassing both the need for physical mail delivery and the involvement of the IRS data processor.

Direct Deposit of Refund

This will eliminate the need for writing checks and physical delivery by mail carriers.

On average, this will get your tax refund to you in 2-3 weeks instead of 6-12 weeks.

Refund Tracker

You can also now check on the status of your Amended Return.

Federal & State Returns

Check on your Federal Refund with the IRS or select a State for it’s status.

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